About DAMA Winnipeg

DAMA Winnipeg is a local group facilitated by DAMA International, is where anyone with an interest in any aspect of Information Management can connect, collaborate and discuss topics ranging across all areas of their practice with like-minded professionals from across the globe.

DAMA International is a non-profit,  vendor-independent, global association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data management.

Our Mission

To promote the understanding and development of the practices of data and information management as key enterprise asset

Our Goals

To provide a non-profit, vendor-independent association where data professionals can go for help and assistance.

To provide the best practice resources such as the DMBoK and DM Dictionary of Terms in a mechanism that reaches as many DM professionals as possible.

To create a trusted environment for DM professionals to collaborate and network

To promote relevant learning opportunities such as conferences and specialized courses.

To provide an opportunity for the community to contribute by publicizing call for papers and speakers.

Help information and data resource management practitioners become more knowledgeable.

Support Winnipeg DAMA members and their organizations.

To connect DM professionals with like-minded professionals from other cities across the world.

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